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Children with ASD/ Parent of a Child

Firstly, we are very happy here, because my daughter started using 100% verbal communication. Dr. Pradeep is very polite and friendly. At initial stage itself he diagnosed my daughter's problem. First he makes our kid comfortable by playing with them and then makes them to learn. He brought my kid’s eye contact, attention and made her to sit and observe quietly for several minutes. My daughter started with one word level and now she tries three word levels and also tries to reply for some questions. His therapy was very effective. Not only myself but my family members also feels very happy on seeing my daughter’s improvement. I already recommended many of my friends here.

Suresh/ Speech Therapy

Doctor diagnosed my problem very clearly and he used effective techniques. I had a stammering problem. So I stopped speaking with others because of my problem. But now I improved very well. I can speak like others. He is so caring and friendly. I recommend him.

Dharani/ Hearing Aid

I bought a new hearing machine from Dr.Pradeep. He is so caring and polite with the patients. The way he explained about hearing loss was very good. He refused the consultation fees also. He is not a money minded person. It is the best center in Coimbatore. I recommend this doctor.

Shruthi/ Hearing Aid

I bought a new hearing aid machine from Sky speech and hearing care. It is very effective and very clear. He explained and diagnosed my problem very clearly. He is very sincere in his work. And he is so caring with the patients. This is the best place to buy hearing machine. I recommend this place.