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Ways to prevent noise induced hearing loss

The causes of hearing loss are many. But most common cases of hearing loss is noise induced hearing loss which is caused by damage to the tiny hearing cells in the inner ear. This type of damage is generally caused by over exposure to excess noise over prolonged periods. This is a permanent damage which is also known as Sensorineural hearing loss. This type of hearing loss in most cases is irreversible in nature. Thus it is important that you prevent such type of hearing loss. This is only possible when you sufficiently protect your ears from prolonged exposure to loud noise.

Generally it is agreed amongst experts that exposure to a noise level of above 85 dB over a prolonged time can lead to hearing loss. So you need to be conscious of the problem and prevent it from happening by controlling things which are under your control. Sometimes it may not be under your control. For example you may be in a room which is playing loud music, but you have no option of turning down the volume. In such a case it is best for you to leave the room.

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Tips for prevention

If you are exposed to loud noise then you can use earplugs or earmuffs to protect your ears. You may also leave the place if possible.  With a 10 minute break your ears can recover to some extent.
When you are using personal devices to listen to music like portable music player with head phones you must turn down the volume of the same. 

You can use the 60:60 Rule. This says listen music at not more than 60% of the maximum volume and not more than for 60 minutes a day. 

Do not have your television, radio or music too loud. This is particularly important if you have young children in the house, because their ears are more delicate than an adult’s. If you can’t have a comfortable conversation with someone who is two meters (about 6.5ft) away from you, turn the volume down.

Try to tackle with the loud noise at work. Your job may be such that you are constantly exposed to loud noise. This could be at the factory, in the mines etc. You need to bring the matter about the effect of loud noise to your human resource department so that the same can be better managed. From your side you could use earplugs and earmuffs for protecting your ears.

Tips to use hearing aid in a better way

Users of hearing aids often struggle with them. This is truer for those who are using them for a couple of weeks or even months. They do not know the technology involved in making hearing aids what they are. This is a major reason why they cannot optimize the performance of hearing devices. 

The first tip is that you should be prepared for some awkwardness and irritation for the first few days or weeks. This is the time when your ears and auditory senses are getting used to the device. It is a foreign body anyway, inserted in your ear and expected to help you with a major sensory perception. There are bound to be some friction involved! You have to be prepared for these hiccups. Moreover, you have to use them even if you feel like you should keep them aside. If you fail this particular hurdle, you will never be able to become a habitual user of these hearing devices.

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The second tip has more to do with your mental framework. You have a problem with your hearing. Your hearing loss needs assistance. The device is here is to do that! Give it a chance to hearing aid centre. Use it with a positive bend of mind. Instead of looking at the negatives alone, think of the possibilities you can achieve when you get this important sense organ back on its feet! Take the initial discomfort in your stride and ensure that you are doing all you can to welcome the device in your lifestyle.

The third tip is to pick up all the information that you possibly can about the device and the problem of hearing loss. When you begin to understand the mechanics of hearing aids, you are in a better position to optimize its performance. Being in the dark or walking about clueless about the device does not help matters. Understand the limits and that will help you overcome them or bypass them with the help of hearing aid centre Coimbatore.

Finally, take it as a fact that you cannot cure hearing loss or get overturn the process. Nothing will get you back to hearing naturally, as you used to once upon a time. Hearing aids can assist you, not cure you. Do not be too harsh on a device that is trying to help you combat and overcome hearing loss. With time and continued use, you will find the device more useful than what it seems in the initial days.

Early symptoms of hearing loss to beware of !

Hearing loss as any other health condition has a lot of early signs and symptoms that can help you to seek professional help. Some of these below symptoms are early signs to look out for.

  • When you are having a conversation sometimes you may find that the sound is getting muffled along with other noises. If you notice that this problem you must have your ears tested.
  • While watching television you may often have to raise the volume of the television to follow the programs. If others watching with you find that this volume is very loud then it is another indication of the problem. 
  • If you hear continuous ringing sound in your ears even when you are in a lonely place then this condition is called Tinnitus. In this condition you may hear hissing, roaring, whistling, or chirping in the ears.
  • Another indication of the problem may be when you are having discussions with others if you frequently have to ask someone to repeat what was spoken.
  • Other cases which require attention is when you feel pain in one or both the ears then you must visit an audiologist. You may also feel excessive pressure in your ears. 
Hearing aid centre Coimbatore

People who suffer from hearing loss tend to withdraw from conversations as they feel embarrassed. They may also want to avoid social get together to avoid similar embarrassment.

The causes of hearing loss may vary depending which portion of the ear is affected. Hearing loss owing to the damage in the inner ear generally tends to be of a permanent nature. They must be treated early as such damages are generally permanent in nature. Others may be due to ear infections, build up of ear wax etc. Whatever be the reason once you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms you must immediately visit a reliable audiologist to treat the problem.And may use the best hearing aid to get rid of those problems.

Did you know that Hearing Loss in children may also cause Speech disorder ?

Hearing forms an important process of our whole communication process. It is critical in the development of language and speech. Thus hearing loss in children often make them suffer from speech disorder too. What is more unfortunate is that this problem often goes unnoticed in children till long. As a result what happens in children is it causes a delay in development of receptive and expressive Communication Skills (speech & language). The language deficit also leads to learning problems and reduced academic achievements. As a result of this problem it ultimately causes social isolation and a low self esteem.

Speech Disorder in Children:

Speech disorder in children may be many. One common type of disorder is stuttering or stammering, wherein the child ends up repeating the same words, phrases while speaking. Disorder of Articulation causes the child to produces sounds, syllables or sounds in a way that the listener is unable to gather and understand it. The child may also suffer from Voice disorder.

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Speech Therapy for Children with Speech Disorder:

As mentioned above speech treats speech language as well as other communication that the child may suffer from. The treatment may range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practice and drilling and use of audio visual aids. The goal of the speech therapy is for the individual to develop or get back communication skills to the optimum level. Recovery through Speech Therapy depends on the severity of the problem. 

In children the problem often goes unnoticed for long and thus parents play a crucial role in the treatment. This begins with the identification of the problem and there after consulting the SLP or Speech Therapist. The parents can also help by actively participating in the speech therapy sessions when the speech therapy sessions are being carried out by the SLPs. They can try to learn what is being done and then try to repeat the same at home. Parents must provide the right environment so that the child hears and says the sounds correctly. Research in this field has found that hearing affects sound acquisition in a big way.

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New age hearing loss treatment – Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are fast replacing regular hearing aids and the feedback from uses has been increasingly positive when it comes to the treatment of hearing loss.

What is a cochlear implant?

It is the hair cells of the cochlea (inner ear) is damaged could cause hearing loss. Cochlear implants are actually electronic medical devices which can replace the functions of a damaged inner ear. Think of it as a prosthetic, but only it helps in restoring the ability to hear. It is a lot different than conventional hearing aids. While conventional hearing aids only make the sounds louder by amplifying it, cochlear implants helps sound signals to bypass any of the damaged hair cells in the cochlea (or inner ear) to directly provide sound signals to the brain.

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Who can they help?

Cochlear implant technology can help anybody with a severe hearing loss in both ears. Most people with severe hearing loss find no help or benefits from regular hearing aid centre Coimbatore. They can be positively benefited through cochlear implants. 

The Benefits of Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implants have often been described as extremely beneficial for hearing loss. First of all, one can hear better with cochlear implants than with hearing aids. That is because, while hearing aid centre only amplifies sound waves or makes it louder, cochlear implants actually help to avoid any damaged hair cells in the inner ear and help send sound signals to the brain.  This means sound distinction is better with cochlear implants.

There is a lot of feedback generated and the voice is unclear. In comparison to that, cochlear implants are way clearer and louder. Music  and other tonal sounds are clearer which means  enhanced safety.

Tips to get used to your new hearing aid

Hearing aid accessories are helpful in improving hearing in people who suffer from hearing loss that result from damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear. A hearing aid magnifies the sound vibrations. The surviving hearing cells in the inner ear detect the magnified vibrations and convert them into neural signals. These are passed on the brain, thus the patient is able to hear.

Once you have got your invisible hearing aids, it is natural for you to take time to get adjusted to the addition to your lifestyle. There are certain things that can help you to transition smoothly.

Hearing and Speech therapy for Children
  • You must note that getting used to hearing aids with hearing aid centre Coimbatore will take time. It is not an overnight process. You will notice that your listening skills improve gradually. You need to get accustomed to the amplification. Initially even your own voice may sound a bit different.
  • You need to use your hearing aid device in different environments. The amplified sounds will sound different in different places. So you need to get used to using them in different kinds of environments.
  • You must seek the support of close family members, relatives and friends. You could also join a group of people using hearing aids.
  • Your audiologist is the best consultant to guide you through the entire process. Thus you must give your feedback in regard to the use of the hearing aid and seek advice what could be done to improve your hearing further. We at Sky Speech andHearing Care provide you with the best consultation.

Identifying symptoms of autism in your child - Sky Speech and Hearing care

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that starts showing signs in a child at a very young age, within the first few months of his or her birth. In some cases, children show no signs at all and grow up quite normally until 2 years of age when they suddenly show up Autistic signs like a stagnation in learning new skills or they might even seem to forget the skills they once learnt. The earlier the signs are detected in an Autistic child, the better it would be as proper treatments can be started earlier. An early treatment can help the child to overcome the communication and behavioral challenges better. 
Hearing loss Treatment - Sky Speech and Hearing Care
If your child show these signs, then immediately seek for help,

  • They avoid eye-to-eye contact frequently.
  • Their non-verbal communication skills like making gestures, facial expressions and body posture do not develop properly.
  • Some Autistic children even fail to respond when their names are being called.
  • They may face problems in paying attention on the same subject as another person is focussing on.
  • They lack interest in sharing their objects such as toys, or are even unable to play with others. Hence, they like to play alone.
  • Some Autistic children suffer from ‘Echolalia’, that is, they repeat the same words or expressions that they have heard a day or a week ago, over and over again.
  • An Autistic child is found to be flapping his/her hands and rocking his/her bodies frequently.
  • Some children may also indulge in self-injuring activities like eye-poking, head banging, biting their own hands and skin-picking. 
The above information which is keenly analyzed and observed by the experts from Sky Speech and Hearing Care.

Hearing problems in Children - Sky Speech and Hearing Care

According to one of the recent reports of World Health Organization (WHO), there is an increasing prevalence of hearing problems amongst young children in recent times. The report states that as many as 32 million kids worldwide are impaired with hearing loss. What is more startling in this report is that out of the total cases 60% of such cases were preventable. This means that 19 million children who suffered could have been saved from such irreversible hearing loss. Experts are of the opinion that a child who struggles to hear may also struggle to learn to speak. He or she may therefore underachieve at school and end up being socially isolated.

Experts feel that many of the ear related problems can be treated easily if treated in time. It is recommended that you do not ignore any sign of hearing loss at an early age of your children.
Hearing Loss Treatment - Sky Speech and Hearing
 Why hearing problems occur in children?

According to WHO major causes of the problem are usually genetic causes, infections such as measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis. It may also happen due to complications at birth, including prematurity, low birth weight and neonatal jaundice. You must also note that use of medicines unknowingly can also lead to hearing loss. Sky speech and hearing loss treatment gives some details of dos and don'ts here.

Dos and Don’ts

As a teacher or as parents you should never slap kids, landing the pressure close to their ears. Shock and trauma to ears can lead to severe damage to ear drums. This may ultimately result in loss of hearing capabilities for the child.

While the child is bathing you should ensure that water does not enter the ears. You must also avoid swimming in unclean water at all costs. This might to lead to ear infections. If your child swims regularly he or she must use swimming caps.

Experts say that infants must be medically tested for the presence of hearing problems. Early detection leads to better treatment. Providing better treatment from hearing aid centre Coimbatore.

You must also see to it that no sharp object is inserted in the ears at any point of time.

You must ensure that your child is kept away from loud music. This could be from radio, television or any other source. The frequency of these at most times is more than enough to impact the hearing capability. According to experts as a result of this the child start developing hearing problems so steadily that you do not even get to know they have a hearing problem.

Electronic gadgets can cause speech delay - Sky Speech and Hearing Care

Delay the use of touch screen electronics for your baby or risk speech delay

A new study has found a link between the use of handheld devices by babies and speech delay. The study was presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting. The research studied the correlation between speech delay and time spent by children between ages six months and two years with handheld electronics (smartphones, tablets and electronic games). Of the study group of 1,070 kids, about 70% of the children had no handheld screen time and 20% spent an average of 28 minutes per day using handheld, touch screen electronic devices. The researchers identified a significant association between handheld screen time and expressive speech disorder. They also found that for every 30 minutes of screen use above the average the risk increased 49%. Analyzed by speech therapy centres in Coimbatore.
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More research is needed

This was initial research and the only concrete finding was the need for more research. Regardless, we speech therapy for children are not surprised by the speech delay results. Many of the children are obsessed with the smartphones and iPads and if they are in sight it is very difficult to keep them motivated to do any other activity. Smartphone use definitely  seems to work against improving or promoting social language skills.

Note, this study looked at very young children.

Technology is great to motivate pre-schoolers and grade school children to learn (ex. preschoolers learning letters or grade school kids practicing math facts). In developing infants it sure seems to cause some trouble.

Hence it is important to take sensible decisions as parents to help your child progress.