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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for Autism

How do you identify a child's speech problem?

Every child is unique. Each grows and learns at their own pace. From the moment a baby is born, there are several milestones like turning around, responding to light and sounds, co-ordination of hands and eyes, imitating sounds, and so on. The baby needs to constantly develop social & emotional skills, language skills, and communication skills through noises & gestures. Their cognitive abilities, such as responding to names & recognising people, are equally important, as are their physical developments, such as crawling, sitting up, and pulling themselves up to stand.

If you find a difference in your baby, such as a lack of response to sounds, lack of eye contact, difficulty recognising people, or a lack of communication, or in the case of older children, if they are not able to completely give attention to the conversation or find it difficult to understand or respond appropriately, it is important that you consult an expert.

Why Us

Guaranteed resultsGuaranteed results in any kind of Speech, Language & Hearing problems.

Qualified and skilled professionalsQualified and skilled professionals to care and serve your children with their need.

Finest infrastructureFinest infrastructure to easily accommodate special children.

Daily updatesDaily updates to parents about the progress of their children.

Guaranteed resultsCost efficient program to be easily approachable.

Flexible timingsFlexible timings



Firstly, we are very happy here, because my daughter started using 100% verbal communication. Dr. Pradeep is very polite and friendly. At initial stage itself he diagnosed my daughter's problem.
Children with ASD/ Parent of a child

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Doctor diagnosed my problem very clearly and he used effective techniques. I had a stammering problem. So I stopped speaking with others because of my problem.
Suresh/ Speech Therapy

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I bought a new hearing machine from Dr.Pradeep. He is so caring and polite with the patients. The way he explained about hearing loss was very good.
Dharani/ Hearing Aid

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I bought a new hearing aid machine from Sky speech and hearing care. It is very effective and very clear. He explained and diagnosed my problem very clearly.
Shruthi/ Hearing Aid

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Hearing Aids Products

We provide hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

Behind the ear
Complete in Canal
Invisible in Canal
Receiver in Canal
Behind the ear Black
Complete in Canal Brown
Invisible in Canal Brown
Receiver in Canal Brown
Behind the ear Brown
Complete in Canal Dark
Invisible in Canal Single
Receiver in Canal Single